Gen Facio Magazine displays an elegant approach to fashion and entertainment through our interactive website www.gfacio.com, Through our quarterly printed publication and interactive application for technological devices, we cater to a cultural view on fashion, business, and entertainment for today’s women and men.

Gen Facio Magazine integrates today’s culture with trends influencing global perspectives through real life experiences that inspire readers through fashion, music, entertainment and more. Gen Facio creates a platform through relevant media as a community for business entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and bloggers to fulfill leverage of empowerment through outlets, media events, interactive fashion icons and other sources.

Our magazine develops customized designs, personalized images, and relevant articles to global issues, influential pieces and elegant transition to what is being published by our competitors. Our publication creates a bridge for cultural differences that unify via our digital platform and print magazine issues.

Style and Fashion are an essential part of entertainment.


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Fashionistas 35%
Business Professionals 38%
Cultural Arts 11%
Photographers 16%

Age Range: 21-25





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